TX10 Transmitter

The TX10 Transmitter is a two wire 4-20mA transmitter that has been designed for the industrial market. The TX10 is simply coupled to a sensor by a length of capillary allowing it to be mounted close by if required or, in the event of a hazardous area, the capillary can be be extended to allow mounting in a safe area. As the TX10 Transmitter operates in the same inert gas system as the hydrostatic gauge, the two can be coupled together to give both gauge indication and a 4-20mA signal.

With the gauge giving a continuous read out locally, the TX10 can operate analogue indicators at a distance whilst also giving 4-20mA signal to a B.M.S. Additional items, such as trip amplifiers, can also be wired into the current loop for switching or alarm.

The TX10 Transmitter is suitable for any electronic indicator (or Hydrostatic Wall Mounted 160mm Indicator).